The Saxony


The wheels all run on precision ball bearings and the flyers of the small wheels run in Delrin® bearings concealed in traditional leather bearings.
The wheel diameter of the Saxony is 24in. Each wheel is custom made to the buyers specifications as to type of wood, spindle height, and spinning ratios.
Woods generally used are Texas mesquite (when available), oak, cherry, black walnut, and pecan.
Each wheel is finished with hand rubbed Danish oil.
The small wheels have true heel and toe treadle with zero play and counter balanced and weighted wheel, which means when you stop tread ling the wheel does not move backwards and snarl the yarn.
The Saxony come with three bobbins and a lazy Kate (bobbin holder).
The following price include shipping within the continental US.  (If wheel to be picked up by purchaser, there will be $100.00 off.)
Price: $4,500
There is a $100 charge for Mesquite on all wheels except the Charka.
Prices below do not include shipping.
  • Charka: $ 350
  • Chair: $  250
  • 2 Bobbin Lazy Kate: $ 85
  • 4 Bobbin Lazy Kate: $160
  • Extra Bobbins:$ 30
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