The Pegasus


The Pegasus is the latest addition to Wyatt Wheels. It is a thirty inch wheel with standard ratios of 12/1, 18/1 and 24/1 (Read the article in ABOUT OUR WHEELS), but will make just about any ratio you want.
The Pegasus is a very fast wheel turning a finely balanced flyer. The bobbin will hold approximately 5 oz. The Pegasus is not designed for a person just learning to spin. It is made as a true production wheel for the spinner that wants to turn out a lot of yarn with very little effort.
The following price include shipping within the continental US.  (If wheel to be picked up by purchaser, there will be $100.00 off.)
Price: $5,000
Pegasus Presentation Wheel $5,000  (Please ask for more details)
There is a $100 charge for Mesquite on all wheels except the Charka.
Prices below do not include shipping.
  • Charka: $ 350
  • Chair: $  250
  • 2 Bobbin Lazy Kate: $ 85
  • 4 Bobbin Lazy Kate: $160
  • Extra Bobbins:$ 30
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